Assignment 5: In-Depth Character Analysis

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All stories share the same elements, be they video games, plays, novels or films.Stories Icon


Learning Goals:

-To analysis one character in depth.

-To review story elements and terms.

-To use formal paragraph structure



  1. Choose a protagonist from any story medium (novel, movie, video game, TV episode, comic book, etc.).
  2. Complete your character analysis chart on your chosen protagonist.
  3. Write 2 to 3 formal paragraphs analysing your character, using direct and specific references to the movie to support your statements. Consider the following:


  • How does the story creator build your character through indirect characterization? STEALsteal1
  • Is your character static or dynamic? Flat or round? Explain.
  • What is your character’s main conflict? Is it resolved?
  • How does your character connect to the main theme (big idea) of the story?


Written Work Criteria:

Name, date and title (Character Analysis) at top of page

12 font

Times Roman

Double Spaced

Name, date and title

Min. 1.5 pages (on computer) / 3 paragraphs


Additional Resources:

  1. Great Paragraph Plan Sheet (8 sentences)
  2. marking rubric
  3. story elements and terms
  4. Indirect Characterization