Learning Outcomes


Learning Outcomes


What are learning outcomes?


Learning outcomes are the skills and content students are expected to master by the end of a course.

Summary of English 12 Learning Outcomes

Speaking and Listening Skillsspeaking


Students will be able to:

a.) use language to collaborate effectively, express themselves and to listen critically;

b.) adapt and apply speaking and listening strategies;

c.)  use language to connect to, analyse, and evaluate a variety of texts;

d.) recognize and apply the structures and features of oral language.


Reading and Viewing Skillsreading


Students will be able to:

a.) read and view a variety of literary, informative, persuasive, and visual texts;

b.) select, adapt, and apply strategies before, during, and after reading and viewing;

c.)  describe personal connections to text, and evaluate ideas and information presented in texts;

d.) recognize and explain how text structures and features enhance understanding of text.


Writing and Representing Skillswriting


Students will be able to:

a.) create a variety of texts, including meaningful personal texts, purposeful information texts, and effective imaginative texts for a variety of purposes;

b.) select, adapt, and apply a range of strategies;

c.)  use writing and representing to articulate personal responses, evaluate ideas and information, and synthesize and extend their thinking;

d.) use elements of style, form, and convention (e.g. literary devices) appropriate to purpose and audience.


*For a complete list please go to the BC Ministry of Education’s website.