Provincial Exam


Provincial Exam

All English 12 students must write a provincial exam worth 40% of their mark. Former exams and answers keys are available at the below site.


Exam Date:           Friday, June 20th, 2014

Exam Time:           8:45am-12pm (3 hours allowed)

Location:              TBA (likely computer lab)


Exam Website:


Exam Summary:   

  • This exam will evaluate your reading comprehension skills, writing skills and ability to draw connections between texts and the world.
  • You will read 3 short texts (fiction, non-fiction, poem(s), etc.).
  • You will answer 23 multiple choice questions that evaluate your ability to find information, recognize meaning, interpret texts, analyze texts, and connect texts.
  • You will write one short response and two essays.


Exam Sections:

  Section Type of Questions Writing Details %
A Stand Alone Text 7 multiple choice

1 written response

-2-3 short paragraphs or 1 long one

-Analyzing 1 text

B Synthesis of 2 Texts 14 multiple choice N/A 17%
C Analysis of 2 Texts 2 multiple choice

1 written response

-Approx. 5 paragraphs

-Drawing connections between 2 texts

D Composition 1 written response -Approx.. 5 paragraphs

-Broad topic / personal