Grading and Assessment


Grading and Assessment


How will I be assessed? 

You will receive a highlighted rubric showing how well you have mastered each report_cardlearning outcome for this course. (The language and format for this rubric is taken from the Ministry of Education’s Performance Standards.)

Why do I get a rubric for a report card?

A rubric shows you how well you have mastered each learning outcome. Knowing what you are doing well and what you need to focus on is more important than knowing what percentage you got on an assignment.

Why do I still get a percentage and letter grade on my report card?

Despite encouraging assessment practices that are more descriptive, the Ministry still requires that a percentage and letter grade be entered for senior students. See below for how your rubric grade is converted into a percentage and letter grade.


Rubric Grade Percentage Letter Grade
4-   / 4 90%   – 100% A
3-   / 3 / 3+ 75%   – 80% – 85% B
2+ 70% C+
2 60%   – 65% C
2- 50%   – 55% C-
1   / 1+ 1%   – 45% I   (Incomplete)


Want to know more?

1. For a more detailed explanation of mastery or performance assessment, please read Cheryl Erlandson’s article Performance Assessment: A Wealth of Possibilities.

2. For information on the research behind assessment for mastery and formative assessment, read the article “Inside the Black Box: Raising Standards Through Classroom Assessment.”

3. For a great overview of how our increased understanding of the learning process has changed assessment practices in Canada, read Rethinking Classroom Assessment with Purpose in Mind, published by Western and Northern Canadian Protocol partnering provinces and territories.

4. For the BC Ministry of Education’s stance on performance assessment, please read “Performance Assessment.”

5. For assessment policy and practices in BC, please read Reporting Student Progress: Policy and Practice.