Week 4 Assignment: Revision

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Learning Objective:revise

  1. Effectively Incorporating Quotes into writing.
  2. Structure a formal paragraph.
  3. Transition between sentences within a paragraph.
  4. Effectively self and peer assess.

Activity 1: Paragraph Revision


  1. Review your paragraph (handed back today from your first assignment) and my feedback.
  2. Write down a writing goal for your next piece on your Goal Setting for My Writing handout.
  3. Rewrite your paragraph and save it in the HAND IN folder. Please include:
  • full name and date
  • Title: Revised Paragraph
  • Times Roman font
  • 12 font
  • double spaced

Where is the HAND IN folder?

  1. Click on “File” at the top left of your document.
  2. Select “Save As”
  3. Looking on the left hand side of the open window, select the computer name.
  4. Select Hand In.
  5. Select Devon’s Classes.



Activity 2:  Peer Editpeeredit


  1. Choose a partner to work with.
  2. Exchange essays (expository essays handed back today unmarked) and read through your peer’s essay.
  3. Complete the peer editing form (to be handed out). Please be honest as well as empathetic. You are helping each other get a better mark.
  4. Based on the feedback you receive, add another goal to your goal setting handout.

Assignment: Revise your Expository Essay


  1. Revise your essay using (1) my feedback, (2) peer feedback, (3) today’s targeted lessons, and (4) marking rubric.
  2. Complete the self assessment handout.

Please hand in the following documents next class:

  • A copy of your writing goals;
  • Your revised essay;
  • Your peer assessment form (completed on your essay);
  • Your self assessment.