Assignment 8: “The Lottery”

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Learning Objectives:ForeshadowingThumb

  • Identify and analyze the use of foreshadowing to create mood, suspense and irony


  1. Mini lesson on denotation and connotation.
  2. What is the connotation of the title “The Lottery”?the-lottery-cover3
  3. Read the short story “The Lottery” by Shirley Jackson. Identify any evidence in the text that gives us clues as to what will happen.
  4. Watch the 1969 short video interpretation of “The Lottery” by director Larry Yust (18 min). Part 1 and Part 2




Written stories and movies use different tools to foreshadow upcoming events in stories and create mood, suspense and irony. Compare and contrast how Shirley Jackson and Larry Yust foreshadow what is going to happen. How do they create mood, suspense and irony through their foreshadowing? Is Jackson or Yust more successful? Why?



2-3 paragraphs

12 font, Times Roman

Double Spaced

Due: Next Wednesday